About Me


I’m Doug Varner, a employment lawyer for executives based in the great state of Delaware. I help executives with all of their legal issues involving employment. I’ve dealt with cases involving wrongful termination to fighting for fair stock options for executives.

As a business owner or executive, you need to be aware of the various laws related to employment and how these laws affect your employment practices and procedures. An employment lawyer can help you sort issues such as determining whether workers are independent contractors or employees, how to monitor your employees without breaking privacy laws, administering polygraph tests, preparing interview questions, putting a hiring process in place, how to fire someone without fear of retribution for discrimination and other issues.

An employment lawyer can help you define wages, hours, overtime compensation schemes and making sure that wages comply with minimum wage requirements.

Employment law attorneys can also help employees who have experienced discrimination or sexual harassment, wrongful dismissal or who have concerns about the legality or safety of their workplace.